Earning Continuing Education Units for Participation in PICMET ‘08

PICMET is able to award Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Continuing Professional Development Units (CPDs) to those who attend this conference. The CEU is the nationally recognized unit in the United States for measuring individual participation in continuing education activities that do not earn academic credit. Generally, CEUs can be awarded for qualified activities such as short-courses, workshops, seminars and trainings.

The CEU often is considered by professional organizations as an indicator that the participating professional is pursuing continuing education within his/her chosen discipline. Some organizations or licensors require their members or licensees to earn and report CEUs or PDUs (Professional Development Units) to keep membership status.

One CEU equals ten clock-hours of contact time, so each 90-minute conference session will earn 0.15 CEU. Participation in plenary sessions will not earn CEUs. (For your reference, one CEU equals 10 PDUs.)

CEUs will be awarded only to PICMET ’08 participants who request CEU certification. CEUs cannot be awarded for participation in sessions that take place prior to the completion of your CEU registration so, if you would like to earn CEUs, you must register and pay prior to the start of the conference.

PICMET is also able to award Continuing Professional Development Units (CPD’s) to those South African Engineers who attend this conference. Please see ECSA link (www.ecsa.co.za) for validation number (UPGSTM2008- 0015).

To register:

  • TThere is a one-time processing fee US $25. Check the CEUs check box in the PICMET conference registration form (in step 2). (Click here to register On-line)

During the conference you must:

  • Pick up the CEU Attendance Form at the Registration desk
  • Take the CEU Attendance Form with you to each session you attend and fill it out according to the instructions on the form
  • Return the completed form to the Registration Desk

Certificates will be available at the Registration Desk at the end of the conference, or will be mailed immediately after the conference.

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Fax: 1-503-725-4667
E-mail: info@picmet.org