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  • Technology Management Framework
  • Table of Contents

    Technology Management Framework

    Strategic Management of Technology

    Science and Technology Policy

    Social Innovation

    Collaborations for Technology Management

    Competitiveness in Technology Management

    Science and Technology Communication

    Decision Making

    Emerging Technologies

    Convergence of Technologies


    Innovation Management

    Commercialization of Technology


    Intellectual Property

    Technical Workforce

    Educational Issues

    Global Issues in Technology Management

    Environmental Issues

    Information/Communication Technologies

    Information & Knowledge Management

    Project/Program Management

    Infrastructure Management

    Manufacturing Management

    Quality Management

    Supply Chain Management

    Productivity Management

    Software Process Management

    Enterprise Management

    Sustainability Management

    New Product Development

    Technology Forecasting

    Technology Roadmapping

    Technology Assessment and Evaluation

    Technology & Knowledge Transfer

    Technology Adoption

    Technology Management in the Service Sector

    Technology Management in the Financial Sector

    Technology Management in the Energy Sector

    Technology Management in the Health Sector