PICMET '16 Organizing Committee

Conference Chair: Dundar F. Kocaoglu, President and CEO, PICMET
Conference Coordinator: Kenny Phan, Executive Director, PICMET
Program Co-Chair: Tugrul Daim, Director of Technical Activities, PICMET
Awards Chair: Charles M. Weber, Portland State University, USA
Doctoral Colloquium Chair: Nazrul Islam, University of Exeter, UK
Information Systems Chair: Liono Setiowijoso, Operations Director, PICMET
International Co-Chair: Kiyoshi Niwa, University of Tokyo, Japan
International Co-Chair: Dilek Cetindamar, Sabanci University, Turkey
Registration Chair: Caroline Mudavadi, Portland State University, USA
On-Site Coordination Co-Chair: Songphon Munkongsujarit, NSTDA, Thailand
On-Site Coordination Co-Chair: Byung Sung Yoon, Portland State University, USA
Documentation Co-Chair: Ibnu Wibowo Tandiono, BridesOn22, Indonesia
Documentation Co-Chair: Pei Zhang, Portland State University, USA
Local Arrangements Committee-Chair: John O. Borland, IEEE Hawaii Section, USA
LAC Members: Song Choi, University of Hawaii, USA
  Kishore E., IEEE Computer Society, USA
  Harm-Jan J. Steenhuis, Hawaii Pacific University, USA
  Alvin Toda, IEEE Hawaii Section, USA


Phone: 1-503-725-3525
Fax: 1-503-725-4667
E-mail: info@picmet.org