Special Session

Technological Entrepreneurship in Hawai’i
A panel discussion on Hawai’i-based innovative and entrepreneurial companies developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies for solution of complex problems

Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Time: 10:30 — 12:00 (noon)
Location: Kona Moku Ballroom - Salon C

Burt Q.C. Lum Moderator: Burt Q. C. Lum, Broadband Strategy Officer, State of Hawai’i


Chenoa Farnsworth, Managing Partner, Blue Startups, HI, USA

Blue Startups is focused on helping technology companies compete on a global scale. With an extensive global network, Blue Startups is a nexus of entrepreneurial activity in Hawai‘i, and between Asia and North America.

Eric Schiff, Vice President, Navatek, HI, USA

Navatek is a world leader in designing and analyzing ship hull forms, Ocean structures and coupled hydrodynamic systems. Founded in 1979 and operating out of offices in Hawai’I and Rhode Island, it supports military, industry and academia. Navatek has 75 employees who provide research and engineering work for projects in the United States and internationally.

Ian Y. Kitajima, “Tech Sherpa”, OceanIT, HI, USA

OceanIT is a ‘Mind to Market’ company, moving fundamental scientific breakthroughs from the lab to the market. OceanIT’s teams deliver cutting-edge solutions, services, and products to customers across a vast range of industries. Founded in 1985 in Hawai’i, OceanIT has earned a world-class reputation for breakthrough science & technology, sustainable engineering, and disruptive innovation.

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