PhD Colloquium

Getting Your PhD… And Beyond
Critical Stages and Career Paths for the PhD Student

Date: Sunday, August 25, 2019
Time: 13:00—17:00 with a coffee break at 15:00
Location: Galleria III

Chair: Dr. Nasir Sheikh, University of Bridgeport, USA


Dr. Tugrul Daim, Portland State University, USA, and Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

Dr. Judith Estep, Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Bonneville Power Administration, USA

Dr. Jonathan Linton, University of Sheffield, UK, and Editor-in-Chief of Technovation

Mr. Jeffrey London, University of Bridgeport, USA

This interactive session will give PhD candidates an excellent opportunity to learn how to successfully defend their dissertation and how to become confident in searching for jobs in academia and industry after obtaining the PhD degree. In addition, the PhD candidates will be able to meet peers and colleagues, share experiences, and network with scholars from many countries.

The invited speakers and the participants will share experiences in the following areas:

  • Critical stages in the PhD process and how to successfully master them
  • The PhD process and career paths
  • Coping with possible challenges while pursuing the PhD degree
  • Entering the job market – academia, government or industry (tips/tools for job searching)
  • Publishing PhD research

We encourage students in all stages of the PhD process, as well as recent graduates, to join this illuminating colloquium.

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