PICMET '09 Site Visits

Site visits to the following companies are offered during PICMET ’09. Seating is limited, so sign up early ($45). Click here to register.

The times below include travel time. A bus will board passengers on SW Salmon St. by the Hilton. A PICMET volunteer will be in the hotel lobby by the 6th Ave. entrance to guide you to the bus.


Tuesday, August 4, 08:30—13:00

This tour will take you through Xerox Corporation’s Wilsonville site. Xerox is the world's leading document management technology and services enterprise. A $17.6 billion company, Xerox provides the document industry's broadest portfolio of offerings. Digital systems include color and black-and-white printing and publishing systems, digital presses and "book factories," advanced and basic multifunction systems, laser and solid ink network printers, copiers, and fax machines. Xerox's services expertise is unmatched and includes helping businesses develop online document archives, analyzing how employees can most efficiently share documents and knowledge in the office, operating in-house print shops or mailrooms, and building Web-based processes for personalizing direct mail, invoices, brochures and more. Xerox also offers associated software, support and supplies such as toner, paper and ink.

The Wilsonville site is the largest Xerox site outside of the Rochester, New York, area and is focused on the Office business. The site employs approximately 1,600 employees in such areas as engineering, IT, manufacturing, supply chain, marketing, legal, finance, services, sales, and HR. Wilsonville is the primary research and development center for Xerox’s proprietary solid ink technology. The site tour will cover an overview of Xerox and will highlight the solid ink engineering and manufacturing facilities on the Wilsonville site.



Tuesday, August 4, 08:00—12:30

Cascade Microtech is a worldwide leader in advanced wafer probing solutions for the electrical measurement and test of semiconductor integrated circuits and chips. Our customers use our products to perform testing of chips while in wafer form (on-wafer probing), in both engineering and production test environments. The day will begin with a welcome speech by Eric Strid (co-founder, chief technical officer), followed by product demonstrations and discussions with product marketing managers and application engineers. You will learn about emerging markets and advanced test technologies to address new, complex semiconductor devices.

The Cascade Microtech products to be featured are:

  • M150 manual probe station
  • EDGE flicker noise measurement system
  • eVue digital imaging system
  • Pyramid production probe card
  • RF/DC engineering probes
  • Engineering test sockets and production test contactors


*)We’re sorry, but no camera or recording devices are allowed.


Wednesday, August 5, 08:00—12:00

The Micro Systems Engineering, Inc. (MSEI) manufacturing tour includes a detailed look at the surface-mount assembly and quality system for the production of high-reliability, medical-grade electronics modules. This manufacturing tour concentrates on those topics that differentiate a high-reliability manufacturer from more standard volume production lines, including process design, test capability, equipment selection, failure analysis and incoming quality control. The 45-minute walk through the MSEI production facility will give a great introduction to the technologies and capabilities of a high-reliability leading medical manufacturer. MSEI is a Biotronik company.


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