PICMET '12 Social Activities

Plenty of networking opportunities will be available during PICMET '12



08:00 - 08:30 Bright Start
Hot beverages and assorted pastries prior to each morning's plenary session
10:00 - 10:30 Morning Break
Coffee (regular and decaffeinated) and tea
15:30 - 16:00 Afternoon Break
Cold beverages, coffee and tea


Welcoming Reception/Buffet

DATE: Sunday, July 29
TIME: 19:00—22:00
LOCATION: Pavilion Ballroom
DRESS: Informal

Meet other conference attendees, renew old acquaintances, and begin new friendships and collaborations at this opening reception/buffet in the Sheraton Pavilion Ballroom. Included in the registration fee.*

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Dinner at Fountain Square

DATE: Monday, July 30
TIME: 19:00—22:00
LOCATION: Fountain Square (Sheraton North Tower outdoor area)
DRESS: Informal

Enjoy a sumptuous buffet while you mingle and network with colleagues. The Eagle Song Dancers will present Native American songs and dances. Included in the registration fee.*

Spakwus Slolem, translated “Eagle Song Dancers,” is comprised of members of the Squamish Nation. Geographically located in what is called the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, the Squamish Nation’s traditional territory is the Howe Sound, in the Vancouver to Whistler area. The Squamish have lived and utilized this area for over 10,000 years, its history tracing back to the Great Flood and the Ice Age.

The Squamish are a Coastal people, people of the cedar longhouses, of the great sea-going canoes and of the racing war canoes; they are People of the Salmon.

Spakwus Slolem presentations bring out “Chiax,” the protocol and laws of the Squamish canoe culture and longhouses. Some of the Squamish Elders today still have memories of early years, travelling across the waters in great canoes to visit family in distant lands and exercising Chiax. Spakwus Slolem presents a glimpse into this culture through singing, drumming and dance.

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Awards Banquet

DATE: Tuesday, July 31
CASH BAR: 18:30—19:00 (in the Pavilion Ballroom Foyer)
BANQUET: 19:00—22:00
LOCATION: Pavilion Ballroom
DRESS: Business Attire

This is the premier social event of the conference. The PICMET ’12 Leadership in Technology Management and Outstanding Student Paper awards will be presented at the banquet. Included in the registration fee.*

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*The one-day registration fee does not include the evening social events. The student fee does not include the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evening events. Tickets for these events may be purchased at the registration desk.


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