PICMET '22 Tutorials


Beyond Business Analytics: The Special Case of Technology Management

Dr. Elie Geisler, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

This tutorial is designed to explore the impact of the notion of beyond business analytics on the field of technology management. The notion of Beyond Business Analytics is a complex concept which is composed of two complementary parts, one quantitative and the other cognitive. The first part is the quantity in the space of Analytics which includes the description of the phenomenon or the notion. The second is the meaning of this quantity to the decision-maker. Analytics is thus the data, whereas beyond analytics is the meaning of the data to the decision maker. This meaning of the data is now extended to the field of technology management. Decisions made in this field will benefit from beyond business analytics. For example, decisions such as “make or buy” technology will be made after an analysis by using the notion of beyond business analytics. The implications for the analysis of ‘Big Data” are discussed. Finally, the use of beyond business analytics is also analyzed by the benefits this notion offers the decision-maker.

Dr. Elie Geisler

Dr. Elie Geisler is distinguished professor emeritus of business at the Stuart School of Business of the Illinois Institute of Technology. He received his doctorate in organizational behavior from the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University. Professor Geisler is the author of over 180 papers and presentations to learned societies, and 14 books in the areas of management and metrics of technology and innovation; management of medical technologies and knowledge management. His current research focuses, on the genesis, progress, metrics and evolution of knowledge. He is also working on “Beyond Business Analytics”, a notion consisting of a theoretical space which he developed, between the data collection and analysis (analytics) and the creation of meaning of such data to the decision-maker. He is the recipient of multiple awards, among them: The Medal of Excellence and the title of Fellow award given by PICMET; Honorary Member of the Society of the Advancement of Management of the American Management Association; Research assistantship award from NASA; Blue Key National Honor Fraternity Award; Meritorious Service Award of INFORMS; member of Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society.

Improve Your Innovation Odds - Share and explore innovation processes with international practitioners who are developing ISO standards for innovation.

Irene Makar, Director, Dalcor Innoventures Ltd., Innovation Management Advisor, Certified Lead Auditor – ISO 56002 Innovation management, Canada

Innovation is hard work at best, and managing essential components of innovation, such as IP, is even more of a challenge. Both public and private entities are increasingly concerned about the performance and cost effectiveness of research and development and related innovation investments. At the firm or institutional level, the critical issues lie with understanding what factors can affect the 'Effectiveness and Efficiency' of innovation activities. Everyone involved with innovation is looking for the magic formula.
This tutorial will engage attendees, share experiences, and help participants gain an understanding of a systems and component-approach to innovation. The discussion will also demonstrate the ISO approach to the developing international standards, and how such standardization can contribute to more effective innovation.
The tutorial will facilitate discussion about how participants are managing innovation today, the problems they confront in managing innovation, why innovation standards might be beneficial to them, and how they can participate in the on-going innovation standards development process.

Irene C. Makar

Irene C. Makar, MEd., MSc., MPhil Innovation Consultant, Director, Dalcor Innoventures Ltd., Director McDougall & Second, Advisory Board EGAS MONIZ Portugal, Advisory Board International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP). Her MOTO is “Never forget, most developed countries compete based on their firms. It's imperative, that inventions get adopted and diffused, to create value.”
Irene Makar has 25+ years of experience as an executive and/or director in multiple sectors including start-up, ownership, investment, and commercialization from ideation to product concept, scale-up and market entry. Her work internationally in business, academia, and consulting includes expert advisory roles to the European Commission, ISO, the Canadian Government, academic and industry organizations. She has two advanced degrees in science, technology, and innovation (STI) policy from SPRU-UK. Combined with many years of business expertise, she has a full understanding of how innovation, especially process and product innovation can be used to upgrade knowledge of individual firms and cumulatively the knowledge of the country in which they are domiciled.

The 4Cs: Climate, Covid, Culture, Convergence

Charu Nair, CEO, Keys 2DEI Consulting Group LLC, USA

In its purist form, "Technology" is the "art, skill, cunning of hand," "the science of craft," simply "applied science." From a time in the 20th century the term has hardened into being connoted with industrial arts and techniques. Given the truly unprecedented convergence of the emerging technologies and the increasing and widespread trepidation of people towards the real and perceived future effects, it is critical to revisit, better understand and incorporate what we as a civilization know all about "culture" and how it manifests in human systems across the globe. Through case studies, interviews, literature review and other analysis, we uncover how a robust understanding of the "technology of culture" is core to us as technology managers and practitioners, so we can make ethical use of this understanding as an ally to our objectives particularly in the fraught oncoming spheres of the convergence of key emerging technologies.

As climate surrounds us, Covid assails us, culture embeds us and convergence of emerging technologies threatens us we are peering onto a "convergence" at a new unprecedented level. In this Tutorial, the speaker will take a robust look at the vista of varying scenarios as to how these 4 Cs can intersect and how we, as Technology Managers, can best design for this.

Charu Nair

Charu Nair brings three decades of insight and experience in the arenas of industry, education, community, and across private and public sectors, to her work. Whether providing leadership, strategy and diversity initiatives to the Fortune 500; launching the World Trade Center Portland with the executive team, working with almost 400 small to large businesses and leading a five-country trade mission; teaching original curricula as Marylhurst University faculty for a decade, or launching the first laptop in India, foresight is her key. She has made significant and core contributions to several boards over the years, bringing her critically innovative thinking and acclaimed work ethic to the service of each. These have included being a Commissioner of Human Rights in Multnomah County, Commissioner of Civil Rights for the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, Board of Directors for the Urban League, and several other boards including education and all its intersections. Currently she serves as a Board of Trustees on the Oregon Historical Society, Society of Women Engineers, Fulbright Oregon, All Hands Raised among others. In October, her company curated a highly successful five-city equity summit spanning schools, cities and communities, that drew several hundred people to the inaugural launch. With three degrees spanning three countries and travels to seventy more, Ms. Nair’s work is uniquely informed by her significant hands-on local expertise, bridged with her wide-ranging worldwide acumen. Her book on this topic is upcoming.






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