PICMET's content spans many multi-disciplinary realms.  Below is a sampling of the areas on which PICMET is focused:

n Benchmarking
n Cultural Issues
n Decision Making in Technology

n Discontinuous Innovations
n Disruptive Technologies
n Emerging Technologies
n Entrepreneurship/Intrapraneurship
n Environmental Issues
n Information and Knowledge Management
n Intellectual Capital
n International Issues
n Management of Engineers and Scientists
n Manufacturing Management
n New Venture Management
n Strategic Management of Technology
n Product Development Process
n Productivity Management
n Project and Program Management
n Project Selection
n R&D Management

n Resource Optimization
n Science and Technology Policy
n Technological Changes
n Technological Collaborations
n Technological Competitiveness
n Technological Innovations
n Technology Adoption
n Technology Alliances
n Technology Assessment
n Technology Diffusion
n Technology Evaluation
n Technology Forecasting
n Technology Management Education
n Technology Management Framework
n Technology Marketing
n Technology Planning
n Technology Roadmapping
n Technology Selection
n Technology Substitution
n Technology Transfer
n Technology-based Organizations
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