Who Should Attend PICMET

PICMET conferences are high-impact conferences that set the stage and define the directions of technology management for decades to come.  The world's leading experts from academic institutions, industrial corporations and government agencies participate in the discussions. The conference is essential for:

  • Presidents and CEOs of technology-based corporations

  • Vice presidents of engineering, R&D and technology in industrial organizations

  • R&D managers

  • Engineering, manufacturing, operations, quality and marketing managers in technology-based organizations

  • Project and product managers

  • Information systems managers in industrial and service organizations

  • Technology management researchers

  • Educators in engineering management, technology management, manufacturing management, technology marketing, software management, information systems management, project management, and technology-focused MBA programs

  • Engineering and Technology Management Program Heads

  • Students in Engineering Management, Management of Technology and related programs

  • Government officials responsible for technology policy

  • Government officials responsible for science and technology programs

  • Engineers and scientists moving from technical specialty to management positions while maintaining their identity in technical fields

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