Announcement: PICMET Fellows - Class of 2021

Eleven colleagues became PICMET Fellows in 2021 after a rigorous selection process, including evaluation of each candidate by an international "Panel of Independent Evaluators", and recommendations by an international "Panel of Independent Judges". The selection criteria included worldwide impact in one or more of the following six areas in Technology Management: Research, Education, Implementation, Consulting, Policy Making, Leadership.

The new Fellows are listed, in alphabetical order, below.

Dr. Adnan Akay, Provost, Bilkent University, Turkey
Dr. Robert A. Burgelman, Edmund D. Littlefield Professor of Management, Stanford University, USA
Dr. Henry W. Chesbrough, Faculty Director, Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation, UC-Berkeley, USA
Dr. Eliezer Geisler, Professor (retired), Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
Dr. Hans Georg Gemuenden, Professor Emeritus, TU Berlin, Germany
Dr. Charla Griffy-Brown, Professor and Associate Dean, Pepperdine University, USA
Dr. Mel Horwitch, Research Affiliate/Visiting Scholar, MIT, USA
Dr. Edward B. Roberts, David Sarnoff Professor of MOT, MIT, USA
Dr. Aaron J. Shenhar, Professor (retired), Rutgers University, USA
Dr. James M. Utterback, David J. McGrath jr. Professor Emeritus, MIT, USA
Dr. Steven T. Walsh, Distinguished Professor, University of New Mexico, USA

Congratulations to the new PICMET Fellows for their outstanding achievements, and sincere thanks to the members of the Panel of Evaluators and the Panel of Judges for the time, effort and hard work they put into the evaluation process.

Visit the PICMET Fellows page for the full list.

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