Brad W. Hosler Outstanding Student Paper Award

"Industry-Academia Linkages in a High Tech Research Field"
"Differentiating the Role of Ex-ante and Ex-post Relational Governance Mechanisms in Regulating Client-Contractor Relationships"
"Innovative Cognitive Style, Proactive Personality and Employee Creativity: The Moderating Effects of Work Discretion and Time Pressure"
"Analyzing Research Publication Patterns to Gauge Future Innovation Pathways for Nano-Enabled Drug Delivery"
"Finding Linkage between Technology and Social Issues: A Literature Based Discovery Approach"
"Dynamics and Heterogeneity of Product Innovation in Embedded Software: The Case of Japanese Automotive Software"
"Constructing National Innovative Capacity in Globalization: The Network Autocorrelation Perspective"
"Seeing the Next iPhone Coming Your Way: How to Anticipate Converging Industries "
"Cooperative Advertising and Pricing in a Dynamic Stochastic Supply Chain: Feedback Stackelberg Strategies "
"Absorptive Capability of MNCs: Balance between Autonomy and Control of Foreign R&D Subsidiaries'"
"Public Sector Science and ‘The Strategy of the Commons'"
"Improving Information Technology Systems through Adaptive User Interfaces"
"Strategies for Managing Process Improvement Uncertainty in Manufacturing Environments"
The Role of Uncertainty in Speed-to-Market and New Product Success”
"Optimal Sequential and Parallel Prototyping Policies"
An Analytical Approach to Building a Technology Development Envelope (TDE) for Roadmapping of Emerging Technologies”
Strategic Evaluation of Emerging Technologies in the Taiwan Semiconductor Foundry Industry”

"Educating the Guess: Strategies, Concepts and Tools for the Fuzzy Front End of Product Development"

"Achieving the Potential Benefits of Advanced Manufacturing Technology - A Study of Swedish Metalworking Companies"
Broadcast Search in Problem Solving: Attracting Solutions from the Periphery”
Knowledge-Partitioning and Inter-firm Innovation: An Empirical Case Analysis”
Optimal Project Selection and Budget Allocation for R&D Portfolio”
"Managing International Technology Alliances: Ballard Power and Fuel Cell Vehicle Development"
"Innovation Forecasting"
"A Yield Management Strategy for Semiconductor Manufacturing Based on Information Theory"
"Technology Processes Management Capability Profiles of Machine Manufacturers in Turkey"
"Exploring Technology Evolution Pathways to Facilitate Technology Management: A Study of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells"
"Exploring Effective Factors for the Generation of Innovative Ideas and Technologies in Functional Food R&D"
Managing the Technology of Integrating the Production and Transportation Functions in Assembly or Flow Operations for Make-to-order Industries”
Firm's Product Innovation Strategy and Product Sales in Convergent Product Markets”
“Understanding Social Entrepreneurial Intentions: Entrepreneurship Education, Academic Major and Planned Behaviors”
“Consideration on the Standardization and Industrialization of Human Microbiome Technologies in Japan”